Shawn Willam Clarke - Topaz (Vinyl LP Record)

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"TOPAZ", Shawn William Clarke’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed "William", wondrously introduces a new sound while maintaining his signature poignant storytelling.

Coming out of the bleakness that was 2016, TOPAZ is an ode to new beginnings and renewal. “I was floundering, in between jobs, in an existential funk, so I consciously started 2017 with a new mindset. I quit drinking, and began focusing on TOPAZ”. With fresh determination, he dusted off his electric guitar, and began writing.

TOPAZ dives into anxiety, existentialism, and finding stillness in the whirlwind of life. These tracks weave a delicate balance between celebration and understatement. Salute and Shadows; 80's albums from fellow Orillian Gordon Lightfoot, initially inspired Shawn to begin working on TOPAZ. “The sonic quality of those records, the subtle mix of synths and electric guitar really got me excited about the prospects of creating again, up until that point I was primarily listening to Ambient and New Age music” There’s an ease in this album that navigates themes of travel and finding the familiar in unknown places throughout Canada with songs like “Autumn in New Brunswick”, and “Gros Morne” while digging deeper on a personal level with “Mouse Not The Man” and exploring the art of storytelling with... more
released September 1, 2017

Shawn William Clarke: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Kristian Noel Pedersen: Synths, Wurlizer. Hammond
Andrew Del Cin: Drums, Percussion
David Gluck: Bass

Alexis Marsh: woodwinds, sax solo on "Anxiety"
Olenka Krakus: Vocals, feature on "Autumn In New Brunswick
Abigail Lapel: Vocals, feature on "Young In Love'
Merival: Vocals, feature on "You're Lonely, Too", Mouse
Christine Bougie: Guitar on "You're Lonely, Too"

James Bunton: Producer, piano on "Young In Love"
Jeff "Fedge" Elliot: Mastering